Our company started hunting tourism in 2015. Our motto is ” Best Price, Best Service, Best Trophy “. We offer services in the territory on which the Seljuks and Ottoman Sultans were hunting. Our hunting program includes hunters who have just received a hunting license. Also experienced hunters who are open to challenges to overcome difficult natural conditions.

We provide hunting services also extreme sports. Such as jeep safari, boat tours, horse safari, balloon safari and water sports etc. Also you will enjoy a Turkish bath. A cultural excursion where you will discover the historical and natural beauty of the region. While you are hunting your family will enjoy the hot sea sand and the beautiful 5 star hotels.

We provide 4 different types of lodging for our customers. (Family chalets, Apart hotel, 4 Star hotels,5 star hotels)

We have various hunting packages for all ages and economic groups. Wild Boar, Bezoar Ibex, Anatolian Red Stag and Anatolian Gazelle. Marco Polo Sheep, Mid-asian Ibex in Kyrgyzstan. Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan. Yakutia Snow Sheep and Siberian Ibex in Russia.

Our first priority is the safe and happy return of our guests to their countries. If our customers are not fully satisfied we offer free or a discounted version of the hunting contract for the next season. Depending on the agreement on paid fees.

Our guests who come with your advice will tell these special memories for many years in friendly conversations.

Finally we guarantee that our prices can’t be beaten. We will undercut any real quote from our competitors.

Best Regards,

Ahmet Kardaslar


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