The number of hunters: 1-2 Hunters     

Season Duration: 01 August -31 March

Duration: 7 Days Trip, 5 Days Hunting


Day 1: You will be met at the airport by a representative from Poyraz Safari. Guests who choose to bring their private rifles will need to clear them for entry into Turkey at the Customs Office at the airport. This procedure will take about 20 minutes and will be facilitated by one of our staff.

We collect our guests from the airport in modern comfortable automobiles. The journey will take between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending on the hunt area chosen. After checking into the hotel it will be possible to have a test shoot if there is enough time before dinner.

Day 2-6: Early breakfast (03:30- 04:00), drive to the mountains for hunting( 60-90 mins), stalking & spotting the Bezoar Ibex and hunting, lunch on the mountain, drive back to hotel,village house or fly camp(17:00-18:30), dinner(19:00-20:00)

Day 7: Breakfast -Transfer to the airport – Custom clearance of the rifles (if necessary) with the assistance of our guide.


Bezoar Ibex is one of the most beautiful and trophy worthy animals amongst the wild goats. The Bezoar Ibex has nearly white color fur with black color stripes falling from its shoulders, symmetrical horns, and a long black beard. It can weigh up to 120kg and is the most spectacular amongst the Ibex species. It is the dream of all highland hunters. The altitude of the mountains which we organize Bezoar Ibex hunts, ranges between 1.500 and 2.500 meters. The shooting distances are between 200-400 meters. We advise 7mm, 300 WM, 270 Win, 8X68, 300 WSM or similar calibers. If you do not have a suitable rifle for this type of hunt, we will be happy to rent one to you.

Our experience and skill at Poyraz Safari can virtually guarantee 100% that our guests can return home with a bezoar trophy. The approximate size of the trophies varies from 100cm up to 140cm. Please note that there is a limitation that each guest can only hunt one Ibex.

One week before our guests arrive, our guides will start to observe the herd and stay with the herd until the hunter arrives. This will ensure that the guest will not lose time on arrival and will be taken immediately to the most intensive hunting area. We will accommodate you in the nearest hotels to the hunting area.

There are several international flights a day from most countries and, once landed in Turkey, our hunting areas are within easy traveling distance from the airport.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be generally provided in hotels by the area, nearby cottages, and lodges. However, fly camps might be used in certain locations. All accommodations are hygienic and safe at all locations.

Weather: Weather is generally cool/cold in the day time and very cold at nights in November, December, January. The weather may change due to the hunting location. It is generally warmer in closer locations to the sea. However, the weather is generally -5 to -15c day time and -10 to -20c at nights in mid-Anatolia. It might rain or snow during this season.

Important Note: All shoot Bezoars are skinned, salted (skin) and the trophy (skull and horns) boiled ready for the guest. After all the necessary veterinary certificates and documents are prepared, the Bezoar trophy is sent to the guests’ address or his contractual taxidermist within 30-60 days.


* 1 Bezoar Ibex Trophy (Min. 8 age).

* Transfer from/to Airport.

* All Transport During The Hunt.

* 7 Days Full Board Accommodation.

* 5 Days Hunt.

* 1:1 Guide.

* Hunting License.

* Gun and Ammo Permits.


* Supplement for Trophy Over 90 cm (€150 per cm over 90 cm).

* Non-Hunter / Observer fee € 100 (per night).

* Skinning €150.

* Trophy Shipment €800 (On request).

* Veterinary Documents €150.

* CITES Cert. €550 (On request).

* Gun Rental.

* Personal Hotel Extras.

* Visa Fee.

* Alcoholic Drinks.

* Tips.


Personal gear list may vary due to location, weather and season. Please check with us before your hunt.

* Good quality mountain boots(broken in) / Gaiter.

* Three pairs of heavy socks(wool/thermal hiking socks) and three pairs of synthetic socks.

* Two pairs of thermal underwear(both top and bottom).

* Two pair of hunting pants(one for cold weather/one for dry weather).

* Enough shirts/pullovers/polar.

* Appropriate camo hunting jacket/snow camo.

* Good hat with ear flaps and ball cap.

* Warm gloves / Face-mask / Balaclava.

* Rain-gear or Cortex shell Coat & Pants.

* Binoculars(min 10x magnification).

* Range finder(min 500m of cover).

* Digital Camera with an extra battery, charger, and extra flashcard.

* Flashlight and spare batteries / Lighter or matches.

* Small headlamp with a set of extra batteries.