The number of hunters: 1-3

Hunters Season Duration: 01 April – 31 March

Duration: 5 Days Trip, 3 Days Hunting

Price: Contact Us


Day 1: You will be met at the airport by a representative from Poyraz Safari. Guests who choose to bring their private rifles will need to clear them for entry into Turkey at the Customs Office at the airport. This procedure will take about 20 minutes and will be facilitated by one of our staff.

We manage our transfer by personel drivers and depending on your destination the journey will take between 15/20 minutes. After checking into the hotel it will be possible to have a test shoot if there is enough time before dinner.

Day 2-5: Breakfast (09:00-),  Test shooting to prove the rifles(If not done the day before) , Lunch and free time, (11:00- 18:30), Dinner(19:00-20:00), Hunting (20;00-02;00)

Day 6: Breakfast -Transfer to the airport – Custom clearance of the rifles (if necessary) with the assistance of our guide.


Our personel constantly bait the hunting area.There are baited places for every hunter and the baited places are widely distributed so that the hunting ground is not under stress. The approximate tusk size of trophies during our hunting parties is 22 cm. Every day our guide will check the hunting cameras placed in the hunting places where the bait has been placed. We take our work very seriously and active bait points are constantly observed then according to the obtained information a hunting plan is made.

Before the hunt gets underway, our guests are always taken for a test shoot. On hunting day the hunting positions will be determined. We always try to get as close to the bait points by car wherever possible then continue the approach by walking with the guide.

Night stalking involves walking approximately 200-300m to the hunting point. Due to the well inhabited terrain that you will be visiting it is almost impossible not to fire a rifle during the hunts we organise! The most important element is to stalk, so we kindly ask our guests to bring their softest shoes along with them. When a wild boar is encountered at the hunt point, our guide will sight the boar and show the wild boar to the guest. Then the guest only needs to place his rifle on the tripod and shoot the wild boar. The night continues the same way by visiting 7/10 hunting points. The wild boars shot during the hunt will be prepared for the photo shoot straight away.

Our company owns the rights for the hunting grounds above Gazipaşa. Here our guests can stay in deluxe villasor 3 star hotels and combine their hunting period with a unique holiday experience, or arrive with their families and enjoy luxury coastal hotels to have an unforgettable beach holiday.



RIFLE &AMMO: 308 ,30,06 or 300 WM cal. rifle and 50 pcs. Ammo

OPTICS: Minimum 50mm lenses (Advise you to bring largest scope for maximum moonlight gathering).

Nightvision or thermal sıghts for rifle.and tripod .


  • The three biggest Wild Boar (Min.18 cms)
  • If you shoot more than 3 wild boar! trophy price has a 15% discount.
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Transport to territory
  • Guide
  • Hunting license
  • Gun permits
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Tea/Coffee


  • Trophy fee (Please see price list below)
  • Non Hunter / Observer fee (€100 per night)
  • All International and Domestic Flights
  • Skinning (€250 İf necessary)
  • Tusk Preparation(€25)
  • Personal Hotel Extras
  • Visa Fee
  • Tips
  • Gun rental (€35 per day)
  • Alcoholic drinks


16,00 – 17,90 cm  € 350

18,00 – 19,90 cm  € 550

20,00 – 21,90 cm  € 750

22,00 – 23,90 cm  € 950

24,00 – 25,90 cm  € 1150

26,00 – cm over   € 1350 C