The number of hunters: 1-3 in a group

Season Duration: 01 May -31 October

Duration: 7 Day trip, 5 Days hunting

Hunting Area: The Black Sea, and Marmara region

Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel

Price: €600

Day 1: You will be met at the airport by a representative from POYRAZ SAFARI. Guests who choose to bring their rifles will need to clear them for entry into Turkey at the Customs Office at the airport. This procedure will take about 20 minutes and will be facilitated by one of our staff. 
We manage our transfers by private drivers and depending on your destination the journey will take between 50/60 minutes. After checking into the hotel it will be possible to have a test shoot if there is enough time before dinner.
Day 2-6: Breakfast (05.00) – Test shooting to calibrate the rifles (if not done the day before) – Hunting (06:00-10:00) Lunch- free time – Hunting (17:00-:20:00) Dinner (21:00-21:30)
Day 7: Breakfast (09.00) – Transfer to the airport – Custom clearance of the rifles (if necessary) with the assistance of our staff.
The upper body length of a full-grown Anatolian Roe Deer is 100 – 140 cm and the shoulder length is 60 – 90 cm. Well-feed bucks reach a weight up to 20 kg, whereas the female weighs 15% less. The red-brownish summer fur changes to dark brown in winter.
The horns of an Anatolian Roe Deer weigh 450 – 500 gr on average, however, some of the top bucks which were hunted in the last years had horns weighing 650 – 700 gr. Although the mating season is between July 20 and August 20, the best hunting time is in May and June.

Our staff will go to the hunting grounds 15 days before hunting and make salting works. The obtained photo images will be evaluated and the best trophy will be hunted. According to our experience, The best time to start is the day after the new moon . It has been observed that the spread of the animals was higher during this period and in the first week after the breeding. Our hunters will take their place at the hunting point at least 30 minutes before the day of the hunt and they will observe the terrain with our experienced guides. The same procedure will be repeated in the evening.

RIFLE & AMMO: 308 or 30,06 cal. rifle and 50 pcs. Ammo
OPTICS: Minimum 50mm lenses (Advise you to bring the largest scope for maximum moonlight gathering).
• Transfer from/to airport
• Transport to territory
• Guide
• Hunting license
• Gun permits
• Breakfast
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Snacks
• Tea/Coffee
• Trophy fee (Please see price list below)
• All International and Domestic Flights
• Observer (Per day €100)
• Personal Hotel Extras
• Tusk preparations (€25)
• Skinning €150 
• Veterinary Documents € 150
• Trophy Shipment €700 (On request)
• Visa Fee
• Tips
• Gun rental
• Alcoholic drinks
• 000  –  400 gr €400
• 401  –  500 gr € 550
• 501  –  600 gr €600
• 601  –  700 gr €700
• Over 700 gr €1000